I’m always keen to share my passion about this industry and knowledge.

Invite Francesca to Speak at your next event

Francesca is all about the BIG idea: staying authentic to the product and brand whilst delivering outstanding ROI. A dynamic and engaging speaker, she is the perfect addition to your conference program, industry podcast, corporate event or events management course.

Passionate to see the next wave of event professionals succeed, Francesca loves to highlight which career path is most compatible to hopeful newcomers. There are so many different specialties to pursue and Francesca enjoys the unique challenge of mentoring others to develop the skills required. Through her years of experience, Francesca has discovered the key factors that really make a difference to fast tracking and elevating your career.

Francesca’s no-BS approach and genuine enthusiasm for her industry make her an inspirational guest speaker, who’ll encourage listeners to fight for their ideas, develop failsafe procedures for assessing risk and success, network and collaborate effectively, and pursue excellent in all they do.

Blending a natural authenticity and passion for creativity, Francesca has been responsible for conceptualising some of the corporate market’s most inspiring events over the last few decades