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What is Events Unpacked all about?

Join Francesca Peskops, as she unpacks some of the biggest brand and product events in Australia and beyond. From incredible successes to epic fails, Events Unpacked offers honest, open discussions with industry rockstars, sharing not only intel about the events they’ve worked on, but also advice on how to excel and evolve in this competitive industry.

At a time where event organisers are facing unprecedented challenges, Events Unpacked will help you adapt to changing circumstances, problem-solve, inspire your team and your clients, and activate success in your career.

Each episode Francesca will go behind the scenes and unpack a live experience in detail, focusing on creativity, measurement, ROI and career insights. You’ll get an insight into the complexity of the creative process, as well as key industry processes, tools and ideas for skills development. With more than a decade of events industry experience, Francesca is the perfect host to guide you towards success!